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In The Hive Tour


  Looking for a unique experience that will engage all your senses? Our In The Hive tours are the perfect answer.


 Perfect for families, individuals interested in nature, couples and makes for an amazing first date.  

  Start with an educational session where we learn about the importance of Bees, their lifecycle, the different bees in the hive, the various jobs they do that keep them so busy along with the tools of the trade. 


   We then suit up and visit the bees in the hive. We will look to see the various stages of the bees, look for the "Waggle Dance" and of course try to find the Queen. Looking for a single bee in a colony of 50 000+ bees can be a challenge that is always a thrill once you find her.

 Finally we will finish with a honey tasting and discuss how the honey is extracted and what we can do with all the wax.  

Prices will be $30 per adult and $20 18 and under. Please fill out the interest form below to be notified once we secure dates for these events as they will be limited in size and frequency.

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