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Swarm Capture


  Swarming is a reproductive strategy that honey bees employ where half the colony leaves to find a new home leaving behind most of the younger bees and a newly hatched queen. Swarming can also happen if the nesting site of the colony is no longer beneficial for the survival of the colony, called absconding.  Both of these situations result in a large mass of bees that surround the queen in a relatively safe location, until scout bees find a new home. While this may seem like a frightening situation, the bees are their most calm as they have nothing to defend but the queen and themselves.  

  If you see a swarm, please call or text us to ensure they are safely relocated. We will need the following information, location of swarm, how long they have been there, size of the swarm (basketball, football. softball) how high up the swarm is, site accessibility such as flat yard, sloping hill, can a vehicle drive to it.   With this information we can make a plan on how to get the colony into a box for safe removal and into a new managed hive. 

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