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 What makes raw comb honey so special is that it hasn’t been processed at all aside from cutting it off the frame. What you see is exactly how you would find it in the hive,  except we make sure to remove the bees. 

An excellent snack with all the benefits of raw honey but also includes the wax for a nice texture that can be consumed completely. 
One of our favourite ways to eat comb honey is with crackers, fig jam and Brie. A slice of comb honey on toast is quite a treat. 

A grilled ham and cheese with a thin slice of comb honey in the center will elevate your comfort food to gourmet status.

Comb Honey

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  • Honeycomb is not only safe to eat but it can be a tasty addition to any diet. Whether you mix it into tea, top it on your morning toast, or eat it as a satisfying midday snack, honeycomb is a decadent and wholesome treat that can be served in a variety of ways.

    As with all honey products do not serve to infants younger than 1 year old. 

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